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About Us - Designed and Made In Brooklyn

The founder of DrawerSpace has been in the kitchen and bath cabinet industry for many years, designing and selling for the multi family and single family markets in NYC. A constant complaint from homeowners and architects over the years, has been the lack of custom drawer organizing options.

We could order standard sized drawer dividers with a new kitchen, but if this was not done with the initial cabinet purchase, it is often difficult to find the right size later. 

Having a degree in engineering, and a passion for computer programming and CNC machining, I went to work on perfecting the tapered box, mortise and tenon construction that is the foundation of each DrawerSpacer. Without CNC technology and 3-D printing (for the custom part hold-downs required on the CNC table), making custom drawer organizers with this level of precision, would have been very difficult and time consuming. This is why there are so few options for this type of custom product.

I am very proud of the beauty of the final design, whether it is snugly set into your drawer, or by itself on your counter top.

Founder Photo

(above: Gary and Legacy CNC machine)


Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your custom made DrawerSpacer, please email us directly, and we will send you a prepaid label to send it back for a full refund.

Please keep, and use the box it came in, and try to use as much of the packaging material so it gets back to us safely.

Email for returns: returns@drawerspace.com

Be sure to include your email address that was used for the order, and please add the order number in the email.

We will send you a printable label via email. Please hand to mail carrier to complete the return process.



Shipping is calculated for UPS delivery, and added, for orders throughout the USA. and Canada. There is an additional fee added for Canada to cover Duties, which we will pay. We are not currently shipping outside this area. 


Lead time, and transit time

Orders will be built within three weeks. 

UPS Ground service is two to six days, depending on distance from the shop in Brooklyn.


Contact Info

Please email any questions about the ordering process, or the status of your order at: